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Trading Calls – Divislabs and Max India extremely outperforming.11.08.10

Date: 08.11.2010

Divislabs and Max India extremely outperforming.

Both up by around 4 % each and has achieved their first target of 727 and 168.50 respectively.In the 4th issue of Stockometer on page 4, there are five picks. Apart from divis and Max other three are BRFL, Sterlinbio and CESC. Out of these 3, CESC has achived its first target while the targets for the other two are yet to be achieved.
Our Targets for Divislabs were 727/743, It is now trading at 738 levels. The market price at the time of the issue was 702
As for Max India out targets were 168.50/176. It is currently trading at 172 levels. The market price of Max at issue was 164
(Issue 4, Page4)

Onmobile in focus with target 337/342.

CESC posted fantastic results and expect more upside in the stock.

BRFL and ZEEL settling down around 224 and 290 levels respectively- will be a good buy once it starts to move.

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